The upcoming "Rio 2016" Olympics will be held in August, just in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro: this will be a great opportunity for Brazil to attract tourists and investors, and many operators and businesses operating in the tourism, accommodation and services could improve their local and foreign business.
If your customer requires it, you can use this map of Rio de Janeiro to provide a low cost solution.

Map of Rio de Janeiro in vectors, made with Adobe Illustrator CS 4 and usable for professional purposes: any company, agency or freelancer can buy a license and use this map to accelerate their work.

The map is divided into different layers, each for different types of objects: for example, a layer for the waters (sea, rivers, lakes, ponds), one for green areas (gardens, forests), one for street lines, a different layer for labels (names of streets, subway stations (M), bus stations, etc.), a layer for icons.

Vector map of Rio de Janeiro: technical description

This map has been completely drawn in vectors, based on Google Maps data. Its main features are:

  • Vector map created with Adobe Illustrator CS4.
  • Multilevel vector map: each layer will include the objects of a particular type; for example, a layer will include all the gardens, one will contain the rivers, one of the addresses, points of interest, etc.
    • you can customize the map, changing the colors of objects, color and / or thickness of the edges in a few clicks, doing massive operations in a very easy way.
  • All texts (street names, subway stations, bus stops, points of interest, etc.) will be selected and editable:
    • you can change the font type, size, color, of all texts;
    • The map is provided with all the texts in Arial, for better compatibility with all systems.
  • The area covered will not be the whole area of ​​the city, but only the center and surrounding areas). To check the area that is available for purchase, please download a preview version of the map of Rio de Janeiro in JPG format linked below:

Ways of using this vector map to professional projects

You can use this vector map for many professional purposes:

  • print catalogs
  • flyers
  • brochures
  • online projects
  • TV shows
  • multimedia
  • animation
  • architectural visualizations
  • rendering

You can also use the map in more creative ways, such as importing in a 3D software, and create a model for 3D printing, for animations or rendering for multimedia videos and television shows.

End user license for multiple projects but for a single user

These maps are sold with a single user license:

  • The license is valid for one user only (individual company)
  • The user who purchases the license may use it for their projects, but can not transfer the license to other companies if a project has been already complete.
    • For example, if you are an agency or a freelance, you can get a license to build one or more jobs for yourself OR for your client. In this case the license will be transferred to your client and you can't use it for your internal / personal projects.
    • If you need to develop other projects for different clients, you will need to purchase a new license.
  • For more information, please refers to the "Licenses" page

Rio de Janeiro vector city map

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