Paris city map in vector file format, made with Adobe Illustrator CS 4.
This map has different layers for different type of materials: waters (rivers, ponds, lakes), gargens and parks, street names, buildings,subway stations (M), railway stations (BER), etc.

This map has been draw full in vectors, and it's totally customizable; it's complatible with Adobe Illustrator CS4 e versioni successive, but also with most of the other vector graphics softwares; this city map of paris is provided with an .AI (Illustrator) file format and an .EPS standard file for compatibility with other vector graphics softwares.

With this map you could create brochures, flyers, catalogues, mobile apps, city guides of Paris, and could place your point of interest on the map, for example sightseeings or shops. In fact, you coul use this map for professional purposes.

The area covered by this map includes the city centre and all the main quartiers.
All the most important sightseeings are inside the map, such as The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame de Paris, Louvre Museum (Musée du Louvre), The Orsay Museum (Musée d'Orsay), Sacred Heart Basilica (Basilique du Sacré-Coeur), Centre Pompidou, Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris (Cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris), The Holy Chapel (Sainte Chapelle), Arc de Triomphe, Moulin Rouge, Montmartre, the Latino quartier, the Père-Lachaise cemetery, and much more.

To be precise, the area covered by this map of Paris is the area included in the Boulevard Péripherique, the motorway that includes the city of Paris.
This map covers about 12 km width 10,5 km height, in total more than 120 squared km.

Important: this map does not cover the whole city! Please download the map of Paris preview above in high resolution and watermarks to check the exact area covered by this map (jpg, 4150x3459 pixel).

Vector map of Paris in high resolution

By Gianluca Panebianco
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